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Did you know, in the UK, one in the three victims of domestic abuse are male equating to 757,000 men (1.561m women).

โ€ข One in 6-7 men and one in 4 women will be a victim of domestic abuse in their lifetime.

โ€ข Domestic abuse crimes that were recorded by the police, 26% were committed against men. This equates to 155,000 offences per year.

โ€ข Only 4.4% of victims of domestic abuse being supporting by local domestic services are men according to SafeLives data. This highlights how few men are being supported for local domestic abuse services.

โ€ข Over the pandemic period, there was an increase of calls to Domestic abuse helplines by one quarter and visits to their websites by 75%.

โ€ข 61% of the men who call these helplines have never spoken to anyone before about the abuse they are suffering and 64% would not have called if the helplines were not anonymous.

โ€ข There are 39 organisations with 238 spaces in refuges or safe houses for men โ€“ with only 58 of those places are dedicated for men.

โ€ข Half of male victims (49%) fail to tell anyone they are a victim of domestic abuse and are two and a half times less likely to tell anyone than female victims (19%).

โ€ข 11% of male victims (7.2% women) have considered taking their life due to partner abuse. There has been an increase in calls regarding suicide ideation over the pandemic period.

โ€ข Over the past five years on average 12 men per year had been killed by a partner or ex-partner compared to women which was 74.


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